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      These are base prices and are subject to change depending on additional customization. We use Duracoat Firearm Finish to coat stainless steel drinkware. More information on this finish can be found on the Duracoat website.

       At Valhalla Iron Company we can customize the blank stainless steel drinkware that you already own or we can provide the drinkware.

      The prices below are for the coating only and do not include the price of the cup. 
      • Low Ball (Single Color) - $15.00
      • Colster or Coozie (Single Color) - $15
      • 20 oz. Cup (Single Color) - $20.00
      • 30 oz. Cup (Single Color) - $25.00
      • Jug or Growler (Single Color) - $20-$30 depending on size 
        Adding Colors and Logos to the cup will result in the following addition fee:
      • additional $5 per color
      • $10 for logos or designs that wrap around the cup
      • $5 per logo
      • Camo and other patterns are available and the additional cost will depend on the pattern

      **All cups now come with the top 3/4" or 1/2" unpainted strip at the top of the cup (see below pictures for an example)**


      If you are interested in obtaining an exact quote please send us a message through the Contact Us page or by emailing us at sales@vicengraving.com.


      First responders, nurses, and military receive a 10% discount per order.

      SC Palmetto Tree on Yeti JugMonogramed 20oz. CupAmerican Flag 20oz. Grizzly CupCompany Logo on a 20oz. YETICustom Three-Color Monogram 20oz.Palmetto Tree CupsRed MultiCam Valhalla Iron Cup